Electrician Van Package

Our electrician van shelving systems are engineered to help you work more efficiently. A well-organized electrician van setup will help you save time, prevent injury, and allow you to carry more cargo.

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Acorn Vans: Sprinter Shelving Package
Wall Paneling

Maximize the life of your van with Legend Fleet Solutions

Epic Accessories

Wire Reel Holder

Tough Flooring

Protect your van against drops

Durable Shelving

Ranger Design Shelving 96″ Wide, 4 Trays

Electrician Package

Shelving package built by Ranger Design with electricians in mind. Never loose your gear again with an extensive package that gives you room for everything.

  • Walls and floor by Legend Fleet Solutions
  • Cargo Van Shelving, 60″ Wide, 4 Trays
  • Cargo Van Shelving, 96″ Wide, 4 Trays
  • Wire Reel Holder
  • Steel Van Cabinet, 2 Drawer
  • Steel Van Cabinet, 3 Drawer
  • 77 Series, Aluminum Shelving Door for 48″ Openings
  • Shelving Bin, 14″ Deep
  • Shelving Set of 5 Dividers with Clips, 14″ depth
  • 5 Slot Paper Holder Cargo Van Accessory
  • 6 Inch Hook, Cargo Van Accessory
  • 8 Inch Swivel Hook, Cargo Van Accessory
  • Partition: contact Acorn Vans to choose your partition
  • Ask us about roof racks

Electrician Van Package Benefits

  • 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty
  • Single Day Installs
  • Expert Upfitter Program
  • ISO 9001 Quality

Shelving Package Available For

  • Sprinter 144
  • Sprinter 170

Acorn Vans Benefits

We Have All The Features

3-Year/ 36,000-Mile Warranty

Each build comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty that matches the start date of Mercedes Sprinter or Metris vans manufacturer warranty.

Expert Upfitter

Every build is backed by one of the most trusted vehicle manufacturers in the industry. Click here to learn more about the perks of having your Sprinter or Metris built up by an Expert Upfitter.

ISO 9001

A ISO 9001 compliant company, Acorn Vans follows strict quality control guidelines that make sure each build is built to last.

Single-Day Install

Save time and money by getting back to the worksite fast. Acorn Vans offers single-day installs on our shelving packages.

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