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There are a number of ways you can better your mobile business, and many of them revolve around upfitting a van. Converting a van interior to fit your business needs adds an efficiency to your mobile work.

Every business is different, whether you work in a trade as an electrician or as an HVAC tech, or have a specialty mobile business. That makes each upfit unique. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you plan your Sprinter, Transit, or Promaster conversion.

Sprinter Van Shelving Package for Plumbers

Figuring Our Your Business Needs

The key to creating efficiency and productivity for your mobile business is having the tools needed for the job. For a mobile business, that tool is transportation. Throwing your work gear into the back of a truck, or a cargo van can be harmful to your business and employee culture. That clutter and disorganization can create longer days on site, add stress to the workday, and raise the percentage of tools/supplies lost. Upfitting your van is the best way to overcome this.

Before you turn your Sprinter, Transit, or Promaster into a mobile workhorse, you must figure out what your business needs. While some professional upfitters offer packages for highly practiced trades like electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and contractors, we understand that every business has different needs.

Ask yourself:

  1. What tools will I need for the average workday?
  2. How long am I on the road during my average day?
  3. What hazards might I face while I am out on the road?
  4. What equipment will make my job easier?

These questions can help you narrow down van sizing, what you might need in the way of storage, what safety features you might need to add, and more. Narrowing down your needs before speaking with a van upfitter is important so that you upfitter can help you build the van interior that is most suitable for you.

Acorn Vans: Utah Upfitting and Shelving Company

Protecting Your Work Van

Protecting your Sprinter or Transit van is just as important as storage. Vans and shelving cost money, they are an investment that you will want to create the best ROI on. Adding protection and safety features to your work van are important to not only maximizing the lifespan of your van, but also adding to the safety of your employees. Here are important features you can add to your work van to maximize protection/safety:

  • Interior Paneling: Paneling like from Legend Fleet Solutions will protect your cargo or passenger van from dropped tools, scrapes, and more. Protecting the integrity of the van shell, will protect your business.
  • Partitions: Protect yourself from loose objects that may shift during sudden stops on the road. Partitions are also a great way to minimize noise in the cab of your work van.
  • Slip Protection: Adding rubber floors or grippy sections and handles to your van can help prevent slips, trips, and falls during wet weather or because of spilled fluids.
  • Corrosion Protection: Bolting fixtures into your van can lead to rust, but Expert Upfitters like Acorn Vans takes steps to prevent that from happening. Each build is corrosion protected for that added level of security and comes with a 3-Year/36,000 Mile Warranty so you know that each build is in it for the long run.


Optimizing Your Efficiency

Adding shelving and paneling to your van is only the first step to efficiency. Upfitting your Sprinter or Transit with storage and safety gear helps optimize your workday, but this is only the beginning. Every business has its unique needs, so think of each upfit as a starting point, a springboard that your business can make money moves from.

From this base work van you can add the little features that help make your business thrive, whether that is a generator, or specific tool, or some other add-on.

Top Work Van Add-Ons

Custom Van Conversions

If you are looking for fully custom conversions, or add-ons like hoists and other specialty equipment to your build, look no further than VanBuilders. VanBuilders is our partner for any custom work added to our work vans. While their add-ons come with a 1-Year Warranty, instead of the Expert Upfitter 3-Year Warranty, you won’t be able to beat the efficiency of your vehicle once it is customized to your business needs.


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